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Allman's Electric Stove 06.28.2019

H1 – Heritage.org’s Jim Carafano

H2 – Mark Kasen and Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC, and Clash Daily’s Doug Giles

H4 – The Alliance Defending Freedom

Allman's Electric Stove 06.27.2019

H1 – Why Was Shepard Smith Crying On Air?

H2 – Mark Kasen Gives His Take on the first Democrat Debate

H3 – Who Is Tulsi Gabbard?

H4 – Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 06.26.2019

H1 – Who Cares About the Lawmaker’s Charity Baseball Game?

H2 – Clint Eastwood Will Film His Next Movie in Georgia

H3 – Has A “Trump Slump” Hit the News Media?

H4 – Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com

Allman's Electric Stove 06.25.2019

H1 – Will Mike Pence be President Trump’s VP in 2020?

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Why E. Jean Carroll Won’t Bring Rape Charges against President Trump

H4 – In Defense of Joe Biden

Allman's Electric Stove 06.21.2019

H1 – Jamie talks Josh Hawley and Corey Booker

H2 – Liz Warren big ideas on college funding and Jim Talent on censorship

H3 – Scarborough and Biden’s comments

H4 – Jennifer Horn interview from California

Allman's Electric Stove 06.18.2019

H1 – What Was Really Behind Eric Greitens’ Ousting?

H2 – George F. Will, plus Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Ola Hawatmeh

H4 – The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft

Allman's Electric Stove 06.17.2019

H1 – Is Biden Really Beating President Trump in the Polls?

H2 – Jim Acosta Wrong Again

H3 – Who Will AOC Endorse For 2020, and Should We Care?

H4 – Why Universal Pre-K Is a Bad Idea

Allman's Electric Stove 06.14.2019

H1 – How the Mainstream Media Regurgitates the Same News Over and Over Again

H2 – Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC

H4 – The Alliance Defending Freedom

Allman's Electric Stove 06.13.2019

H1 – Blues Win the Stanley Cup, and the US Women’s Soccer Team Destroys Thailand

H2 – George Sorial talks about his book “The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump”

H3 – How You Can Support the Blues for Kids Charity, and Celebrate the Stanley Cup Win

H4 – Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 06.12.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano

H2 – A New Poll Says Biden Leads Trump, As If We Can Trust Polls

H3 – John Stewart Slams Lawmakers at Hearing on 9/11 First Responders Fund

H4 – American Prison: A Reporter’s Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment

Allman's Electric Stove 06.11.2019

H1 – Representative Matt Gaetz calls out John Dean

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Does the United States have a “Secret Immigration Deal” with Mexico?

H4 – A Look Back at a 30 year-old Joe Biden

Allman's Electric Stove 06.10.2019

HR1 Monsanto products and where we spend our money plus Mark Kasen talks President Trump and Mexico wall

HR2 What Presidents have historically accomplished and Jamie talks about Alexis de Tocqueville

HR3 Media outlets lose credibility and accountability by using internet websites for information and Jim Hoft discusses why Democrats are against President Trump

HR4 Jim Acosta’s book, “The Enemy of the State” and Bridget Van Means on Planned Parenthood

Allman's Electric Stove 06.07.2019

HR1 President Speech on D-Day and Tariffs/Tamatos

HR2 Senator Jim Talent Discusses President Trump D-Day Speech

HR3 Ben Murphy and President Trump local B-Day Party, and Chris Matthews on Trump and Christianity. Plus Doug Giles.

HR4 Milton Giles D-Day Book and 8-Way Spelling Bee Tie

Allman's Electric Stove 06.06.2019

H1 – D-Day and Giles Milton talks about “Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy, Airman, Gangster, Killor Die: How the Allies won D-Day” his book which narrates the day’s events

H2 – Bill Nye speaks about climate change and President Trump and D-Day

H3 – "Blues for Kids" Nikco Sports, Bob Ibach

H4 – John Gans PHD and Father Tom Miller

Allman's Electric Stove 06.05.2019

H1 – The latest on tariffs, plus Jim Carafano

H2 – Tiananmen Square anniversary

H3 – Justice for Angie Housman

Hr 4 John Gans PHD and Father Tom Miller

Allman's Electric Stove 06.04.2019

H1 – President Trump in Britain, plus Mexico’s threats over Tariffs

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano, plus Canada Loves Obama

H3 – President Trump, and the “Trump Balloon” in Britain

H4 – The Alliance Defending Freedom

Allman's Electric Stove 06.03.2019

H1 – Live from 94 FM The Fish in Nashville, plus Mark Kasen joins the show

H2 – The Truth about Tariffs, plus more with Mark Kasen

H3 – President Trump’s Surprise Appearance at a Church Service, plus The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft

H4 – The Alliance Defending Freedom, plus Chuck Todd says Trump is Interfering in the UK Election

Allman's Electric Stove 05.31.2019

H1 – Trump, not Russia, Got Trump Elected

H2 – Elizabeth Warren on The View, and Trevor Noah on the Media and Mueller

H3 – Clash Daily’s Doug Giles, plus a St. Louis Blues Charity Promotion

H4 – Sonny Wilson of Protect America First, plus Max on Movies reviews Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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