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Allman's Electric Stove 04.24.2019

H1 – Kamala Harris on Felons Voting Rights, and who is (Possible Presidential Candidate) Larry Hogan?

H2 – Harry Reid on the Possible Impeachment of President Trump, plus Uncle Joe Biden is Running

H3 – The White House Correspondents Dinner is a Farce, and What Are Parking Ambassadors?  

H4 – Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, and Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 04.23.2019

H1 – Pepperidge Farm Remembers, plus Sarah Sanders VS April Ryan

H2 – Judge Napolitano on the Mueller Report, plus Kate Smith’s debut of God Bless America

H3 – The Dems Are Angry about President Trump’s Anger, plus Coverage of the Sri Lanka Attacks

H4 – CBS Goes After First Lady Melania Trump, plus Buttigieg talks about his Faith

Allman's Electric Stove 04.22.2019

H1 – Are Muslims Persecuted in America? An Allman in the Morning Debate with Mark Kasen 

H2 – A Reporter Tries to Interview Robert Mueller on Easter Sunday, Plus More with Mark Kasen

H3 – The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, Plus Maxine Waters on Impeachment

H4 – Hickenlooper’s Gun Control Dream, and a Comedian Was Just Elected President of the Ukraine

Allman's Electric Stove 04.18.2019

H1 – Representative Mike Bost Fights against the Opioid Epidemic  

H2 – Michelle Obama compares President Trump to a “Divorced Dad”

H3 – AG Barr’s Press Conference, and Doug Giles of Clash Daily

H4 – Jamie Discusses Attorney General Barr’s Press Conference

Allman's Electric Stove 04.17.2019

H1 – Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders on Fox News

H2 – Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Audacity of Hope

H3 – Presidential Candidate Bill Weld Takes on President Trump

H4 – Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, plus the Alliance Defending Freedom

Allman's Electric Stove 04.16.2019

H1 – Fire Engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral

H2 – More on the Cathedral Fire, plus Judge Napolitano Talks Mueller Report   

H3 – Presidential Candidate Eric Swalwell says 2nd Amendment “Not Absolute Right”

H4 – Cory Booker on President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Allman's Electric Stove 04.12.2019

H1 – Julian Assange Arrested, and Why the First Picture of a Black Hole isn’t a Big Deal

H2 – The Controversy Surrounding Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 Comments

H3 – Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC, and Town Hall Columnist Kurt Schlichter

H4 – David Harsanyi on Julian Assange, and Max on Movies reviews Missing Link

Allman's Electric Stove 04.11.2019

H1 – The Left is Furious over AG Barr’s Speech, plus Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com

H2 – The Hate Crime Hoax, plus Former Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Talking Taxes with Jennah Purk of Purk and Associates, and Josh Hawley takes on Twitter

H4 – Jobless Claims Are At Their Lowest since 1969, According to the Labor Department

Allman's Electric Stove 04.10.2019

H1 – A Tale of Two Voicemails, plus Jim Carafano

H2 – Colonel Tony Monetti and George Papadopoulos

H3 – Chelsea Handler’s Supposed White Privilege, plus The Alliance Defending Freedom  

H4 – Jazz Shaw and Jim Carafano

Allman's Electric Stove 04.09.2019

H1 – Mayor Pete Hazes Vice President Mike Pence, plus Hillary’s “No Ways Tired” Remix

H2 – The Latest on the Michael Avenatti Extortion Case, plus Judge Andrew Napolitano  

H3 – Christiane Amanpour on Fake News and Beto O’Rourke on Farmers Fighting Climate Change

H4 – Jamie Interviews George Papadopoulos

Allman's Electric Stove 04.08.2019

H1 – President Trump Lacks GOP Support for The Wall, and Old Town Road Burns Up The Charts

H2 – Everyone’s Favorite Liberal Mark Kasen In Studio, and the Latest on the Border Issue  

H3 – The Gateway Pundfit, Jim Hoft, and will the GOP Ever Truly Support President Trump?

H4 – AOC’s Strange New Accent, and Calvin Coolidge Was Right On About Taxation

Allman's Electric Stove 04.05.2019

H1 – Tim Ryan Running For President, and Who Would Go To A Mueller Report Rally?

H2 – Who Is Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan, and Why Is The Left Turning On Rachel Maddow?

H3 – Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC, and Doug Giles of ClashDaily.com

H4 – Spencer Brown of Young America’s Foundation, and Max on Movies Reviews “Best of Enemies”

Allman's Electric Stove 04.04.2019

H1 – Creepy Uncle Joe Biden’s Non-Apology Is Stranger Than You Think

H2 – Larry Elder Is Coming To Saint Louis! Plus a Conversation with Jim Talent

H3 – Beto O’Rourke, Al Sharpton, and an In-Studio Visit with Erin Bode

H4 – David Harsanyi of The Federalist

Allman's Electric Stove 04.03.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano, and the DNC Chair Says Trump Voters Will Be “Held Responsible”

H2 –Burger King’s New Vegan Whopper, and S.E. Cupp

H3 – Joe Biden Has Been Creepy For A Long Time, and Sarah Palin Wasn’t Invited to McCain’s Funeral

H4 – Jazz Shaw Talks Death Penalty, and Larry Elder Announces His Upcoming St. Louis Event

Allman's Electric Stove 04.02.2019

H1 – Jussie Smollett, Chris Rock, and Avocados Across the Border

H2 –The Latest on the Mueller Report, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Creepy Joe Biden

H3 – Matthew Mitchell and Nipsey Hussle

H4 – Eat Dirt, Don't Use Antibacterial Soap, Save Your Life!

Allman's Electric Stove 04.01.2019

H1 – Kellyanne Conway, Creepy Joe Biden, and Mark Kasen

H2 –More with Mark Kasen, and The Manhattan Institute’s Mark Mills

H3 – The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft and Baseball Talk with Lou Tevlin

H4 – President Trump Cuts Aid to Central America, and Joe Biden’s History of Creepy Behavior

Allman's Electric Stove 03.29.2019

H1 – President Trump’s Victory Rally

H2 –Lindsay Graham VS CNN

H3 – Ben Murphy, Managing Director of America First MO PAC

H4 – More with Ben Murphy, and Max on Movies reviews Disney’s New Live Action “Dumbo”

Allman's Electric Stove 03.28.2019

H1 – President Trump’s Lengthy Interview, and Joe Biden on Anita Hill

H2 – Dr. Eric Nepute Talks About Vaccinations, Plus More On Trump’s Lengthy Interview

H3 – Senator Jim Talent, The Green New Deal, and A Joe Biden / Stacey Abrams Ticket?

H4 – Mike Conaway VS Adam Schiff and Barbara Bush VS President Trump

Allman's Electric Stove 03.27.2019

H1 – Heritage.Org’s Jim Carafano, and the latest on the Jussie Smollett Story

H2 – New York Bars Unvaccinated Children from Public

H3 – The Latest on Unvaccinated Children, Jussie Smollett, and Hannity VS. Maddow

H4 – HotAir.com’s Jazz Shaw on Jussie Smollett, Plus Amy Gill of Hotel Saint Louis in Studio

Allman's Electric Stove 03.26.2019

H1 – Michael Avenatti Arrested, The Mueller Report, and Joe Scarborough’s Monkey House

H2 – Apple’s New Streaming Service, The Mueller Report, and Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – The Mueller Report, and Should Other Countries Be Allowed To Vote In U.S. Elections?

H4 – No Chik-Fil-A For San Antonio Airport, and Chris Cuomo VS. Rudy Giuliani

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