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Allman's Electric Stove 05.15.2019

H1 – Heritage.org’s Jim Carafano, plus FFRF.org’s Andrew L. Seidel

H2 – Senator Tom Cotton

H3 – Beto the Beta on The View

H4 – How Joe Biden is like Foster Brooks

Allman's Electric Stove 05.14.2019

H1 – Bill Nye the Bow-tie-Wearing Guy Gets Global Warming Wrong

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Are We Experiencing a “Constitutional Crisis?”

H4 – Is America a Christian Nation?

Allman's Electric Stove 05.13.2019

H1 – Jamie debates the news of the day with everyone’s favorite liberal, Mark Kasen

H2 – SNL’s Cold Open Spoofs Susan Collins, plus more with Mark Kasen

H3 – The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft 

H4 – Police Raid Journalist’s Home after he refuses to Name a Source

Allman's Electric Stove 05.10.2019

H1 – The Larry Elder Event Was a Blast, plus Jamie Sings Along with Show Tunes

H2 – Senator Jim Talent, plus James Comey Defends Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

H3 – Doug Giles of ClashDaily.com, plus Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC

H4 – HotAir.com’s Jazz Shaw, plus Why Jamie Dislikes Al Sharpton

Allman's Electric Stove 05.09.2019

H1 – The President Doesn’t Serve at the Leisure of Congress or the Media

H2 – Audio from President Trump’s Latest Rally, plus Pelosi says “We have a jail in the basement.”

H3 – President Trump Isn’t Wrong for using Executive Privilege

H4 – Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 05.08.2019

H1 – State Rep Harasses Planned Parenthood Protesters, plus Larry Elder

H2 – STEM School Shooting, plus Mayor Pete is like Hillary in Drag

H3 – CNN Interviews Antifa

H4 – Are 1 Million Species Really Facing Extinction?

Allman's Electric Stove 05.07.2019

H1 – What Is A Sergeant–At-Arms?

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Tiger Woods receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom

H4 – Larry Elder

Allman's Electric Stove 05.06.2019

H1 – Jamie Debates the News of the Day with Everyone’s Favorite Liberal, Mark Kasen

H2 – The Kentucky Derby Disqualification, plus more with Mark Kasen

H3 – The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft

H4 – Oregon Women for Trump Threatened with a Chainsaw, plus Max on Movies reviews The Intruder

Allman's Electric Stove 05.03.2019

H1 – The Democrats are All Talk when it comes to Impeaching President Trump

H2 – Facebook Bans Controversial Voices, plus Josh Hawley Makes a Splash at Barr Hearing

H3 – Michael Proctor of Proctor Drapery, plus Clash Daily’s Doug Giles

H4 – Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC

Allman's Electric Stove 05.02.2019

H1 – The Schnucks Shooting, plus Thurston Clarke, author of “Honorable Exit”

H2 – AG Barr’s Testimony, plus Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Bridget Van Means, President of ThriVe St. Louis

H4 - Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 05.01.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano on Venezuela

H2 – Does “13 Reasons Why” Glorify Suicide?

H3 – Thurston Clarke, author of “Honorable Exit”

H4 - Matt Stroud, author of "Thin Blue Lie: The Failure of High-Tech Policing"

Allman's Electric Stove 04.30.2019

H1 – Ben Murphy, Managing Director of America First MO PAC

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano

H3 – Mitchell Zuckoff, author of “Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11”

H4 - The Latest on the Stenger Indictment 

Allman's Electric Stove 04.29.2019

H1 – Commentary on the Synagogue Shooting, Plus Mark Kasen

H2 – More with Mark Kasen, plus Larry Elder joins the Show

H3 – The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, plus Bernie Sanders wants Felons to be able to Vote

H4 - Saint Louis County Executive Steve Stenger is Indicted, Resigns

Allman's Electric Stove 04.26.2019

H1 – A Defense of Joe Biden, plus Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com

H2 – Why Some Conservatives want Democrats to Win, plus Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Ben Murphy, Managing Director of America First MO PAC, plus the Alliance Defending Freedom

H4 – Larry Elder joins the show, and Max on Movies reviews Avengers: Endgame  

Allman's Electric Stove 04.25.2019

H1 – Uncle Joe wants to be President

H2 – Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

H3 - Jim Carafano

H4 – Joe Biden Announces His Run for the Presidency with an Awful Video

Allman's Electric Stove 04.24.2019

H1 – Kamala Harris on Felons Voting Rights, and who is (Possible Presidential Candidate) Larry Hogan?

H2 – Harry Reid on the Possible Impeachment of President Trump, plus Uncle Joe Biden is Running

H3 – The White House Correspondents Dinner is a Farce, and What Are Parking Ambassadors?  

H4 – Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, and Father Tom Miller of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Allman's Electric Stove 04.23.2019

H1 – Pepperidge Farm Remembers, plus Sarah Sanders VS April Ryan

H2 – Judge Napolitano on the Mueller Report, plus Kate Smith’s debut of God Bless America

H3 – The Dems Are Angry about President Trump’s Anger, plus Coverage of the Sri Lanka Attacks

H4 – CBS Goes After First Lady Melania Trump, plus Buttigieg talks about his Faith

Allman's Electric Stove 04.22.2019

H1 – Are Muslims Persecuted in America? An Allman in the Morning Debate with Mark Kasen 

H2 – A Reporter Tries to Interview Robert Mueller on Easter Sunday, Plus More with Mark Kasen

H3 – The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, Plus Maxine Waters on Impeachment

H4 – Hickenlooper’s Gun Control Dream, and a Comedian Was Just Elected President of the Ukraine

Allman's Electric Stove 04.18.2019

H1 – Representative Mike Bost Fights against the Opioid Epidemic  

H2 – Michelle Obama compares President Trump to a “Divorced Dad”

H3 – AG Barr’s Press Conference, and Doug Giles of Clash Daily

H4 – Jamie Discusses Attorney General Barr’s Press Conference

Allman's Electric Stove 04.17.2019

H1 – Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders on Fox News

H2 – Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Audacity of Hope

H3 – Presidential Candidate Bill Weld Takes on President Trump

H4 – Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, plus the Alliance Defending Freedom

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