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Allman's Electric Stove 03.25.2019

H1 – Happy Days Are Here Again as the Mueller Report Vindicates President Trump

H2 – David Harsanyi of The Federalist on the Mueller Report, Plus More with Mark Kasen

H3 – The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft on the Mueller Report

H4 – The Left Should Be Happy There Was No Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign

Allman's Electric Stove 03.22.2019

H1 – Is the Mueller Report Releasing Soon, and will Hillary Run for President After All?

H2 – Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sonny Wilson, and New Zealand’s New Gun Ban

H3 – Former Senator Jim Talent, and ClashDaily.com’s Doug Giles

H4 –  Ellen DeGeneres, Cory Booker, and Max on Movies reviews the new horror film “Us.”

Allman's Electric Stove 03.21.2019

H1 – John McCain, Kellyanne Conway, and Dr. Robert Cargill on “Jesus – His Life”

H2 – The Media Refuses to Give President Trump Credit For Economy Boom

H3 – John McCain’s Checkered Legacy, and Brooke Baldwin on New Zealand’s Gun Ban

H4 –Flat Earthers Try to Find The Edge of the World, and Abortions Based on Gender?

Allman's Electric Stove 03.20.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano, and Elizabeth Warren on Confederate Statues

H2 – Beto’s “White Maleness” May Work Against Him

H3 – Donna Brazile Joins Fox News, and Jazz Shaw Joins Allman in the Morning

H4 – Lou Tevlin on Mike Trout, and Dr. Robert Cargill on “Jesus – His Life”

Allman's Electric Stove 03.19.2019

H1 –Kellyanne Conway and Her Husband’s Presidential Disagreement, and Beto’s White Privilege

H2 – Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Evangelicals for President Trump

H3 – The Plan to Abolish the Electoral College, and The Gateway Pundit

H4 – Ted Koppel Gets It Right about the Liberal Media, and who is Andrew Yang?

Allman's Electric Stove 03.18.2019

H1 – The Latest on the Mass Shooting in New Zealand, Plus Mark Kasen Stops By The Studio

H2 – Mark Kasen on President Trump’s Policies, and the Fallout From Senator Blunt’s Vote

H3 – Austin Peterson Defends Senator Blunt, and the Latest News on Boeing’s 737s

H4 – What’s In A Name For Beto O’Rourke, and a Preview of “Best of Enemies”

Allman's Electric Stove 03.15.2019

H1 – Guy Benson, Don Lemon, and the Mosque shooting in New Zealand

H2 – How the Media Reacted to Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Bid

H3 – Ben Murphy, Sonny Wilson, and Doug Giles

H4 – More with Ben Murphy and Sonny Wilson, and the latest on the Mosque shooting in New Zealand

Allman's Electric Stove 03.14.2019

H1 – President Trump Grounds Boeing 737s, Mark Kasen joins the show

H2 – Mark Kasen, The College Admissions Scandal, and Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Beto O’Rourke Announces He’s Running for President

H4 – Representative Mike Bost, Tucker Carlson, and Jay Leno

Allman's Electric Stove 03.13.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano and Kurt Schlichter

H2 – Joe Biden Wants To Be President, Tucker Carlson Is Right About Iraq

H3 – HotAir.com’s Jazz Shaw on the Boeing 737 Max 8 Controversy

H4 – White Privilege and Pollution Deaths, Plus Jim Carafano

Allman's Electric Stove 03.11.2019

H1 – The Pros and Cons of President Trump’s Immigration Plan

H2 – Mark Kasen on Omar's Controversial Comments

H3 - Tammy Mitchell Hines Joins the Show in Studio

H4 – Harley Davidson and the Fried Chicken Man

Allman's Electric Stove 03.08.2019

H1 - Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison

H2 - Pelosi's Response To Omar's Controversial Comments

H3 - Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC, and Doug Giles of ClashDaily.com

H4 - President Trump's Immigration Push, Nickelback, Max on Movies reviews Captain Marvel

Allman's Electric Stove 03.07.2019

H1 - Nancy Pelosi VS Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

H2 - Jim Carafano and Cognitive Dissonance

H3 - Jim Talent on Israel and North Korea

H4 - A Shocking Carnival Float in Belgium, Tucker Carlson on Media Bias

Allman's Electric Stove 03.06.2019

H1 - Are St. Louis City and County Really "Better Together?"

H2 - The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, Plus Craziness from Chris Matthews

H3 - Jen Bird Swings By, Plus Jamie Chats with the St. Baldrick's Charity

H4 - Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, and Jamie talks about AOC in Rolling Stone

Allman's Electric Stove 03.05.2019

H1 - Hillary Won't Run, Bernie Doesn't Stand a Chance, Trump Wins 2020 in a Landslide

H2 - Ola Hawatmeh and Judge Napolitano join the show

H3 - Arrested For Losing Your I.D.? Henry Davis joins the show

H4 - Trump Won the Presidency by Appealing to the Conservatives that Republicans Ignored

Allman's Electric Stove 03.04.2019

H1 - Trump Triumphant at CPAC, Liberal Mark Kasen Swings By

H2 - Rolling Stone Magazine Loves Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

H3 - Malcolm X Warns About the Danger of Liberals, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Stay Relevant

H4 - Jamie Breaks Down the U.C. Berkeley Attack, and Discovers A Shocking Fact About P!nk

Allman's Electric Stove 03.01.2019

HR1-Jamie Chats with Jim Carafano

HR2-"Advocacy Journalism" and Uncle Joe Biden Runs for President

HR3-Doug Giles Joins the Show

HR4-Jennifer Bird Live from CPAC!

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