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Allman's Electric Stove 03.18.2019

H1 – The Latest on the Mass Shooting in New Zealand, Plus Mark Kasen Stops By The Studio

H2 – Mark Kasen on President Trump’s Policies, and the Fallout From Senator Blunt’s Vote

H3 – Austin Peterson Defends Senator Blunt, and the Latest News on Boeing’s 737s

H4 – What’s In A Name For Beto O’Rourke, and a Preview of “Best of Enemies”

Allman's Electric Stove 03.15.2019

H1 – Guy Benson, Don Lemon, and the Mosque shooting in New Zealand

H2 – How the Media Reacted to Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Bid

H3 – Ben Murphy, Sonny Wilson, and Doug Giles

H4 – More with Ben Murphy and Sonny Wilson, and the latest on the Mosque shooting in New Zealand

Allman's Electric Stove 03.14.2019

H1 – President Trump Grounds Boeing 737s, Mark Kasen joins the show

H2 – Mark Kasen, The College Admissions Scandal, and Senator Jim Talent

H3 – Beto O’Rourke Announces He’s Running for President

H4 – Representative Mike Bost, Tucker Carlson, and Jay Leno

Allman's Electric Stove 03.13.2019

H1 – Jim Carafano and Kurt Schlichter

H2 – Joe Biden Wants To Be President, Tucker Carlson Is Right About Iraq

H3 – HotAir.com’s Jazz Shaw on the Boeing 737 Max 8 Controversy

H4 – White Privilege and Pollution Deaths, Plus Jim Carafano

Allman's Electric Stove 03.11.2019

H1 – The Pros and Cons of President Trump’s Immigration Plan

H2 – Mark Kasen on Omar's Controversial Comments

H3 - Tammy Mitchell Hines Joins the Show in Studio

H4 – Harley Davidson and the Fried Chicken Man

Allman's Electric Stove 03.08.2019

H1 - Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison

H2 - Pelosi's Response To Omar's Controversial Comments

H3 - Ben Murphy of America First MO PAC, and Doug Giles of ClashDaily.com

H4 - President Trump's Immigration Push, Nickelback, Max on Movies reviews Captain Marvel

Allman's Electric Stove 03.07.2019

H1 - Nancy Pelosi VS Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

H2 - Jim Carafano and Cognitive Dissonance

H3 - Jim Talent on Israel and North Korea

H4 - A Shocking Carnival Float in Belgium, Tucker Carlson on Media Bias

Allman's Electric Stove 03.06.2019

H1 - Are St. Louis City and County Really "Better Together?"

H2 - The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, Plus Craziness from Chris Matthews

H3 - Jen Bird Swings By, Plus Jamie Chats with the St. Baldrick's Charity

H4 - Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com, and Jamie talks about AOC in Rolling Stone

Allman's Electric Stove 03.05.2019

H1 - Hillary Won't Run, Bernie Doesn't Stand a Chance, Trump Wins 2020 in a Landslide

H2 - Ola Hawatmeh and Judge Napolitano join the show

H3 - Arrested For Losing Your I.D.? Henry Davis joins the show

H4 - Trump Won the Presidency by Appealing to the Conservatives that Republicans Ignored

Allman's Electric Stove 03.04.2019

H1 - Trump Triumphant at CPAC, Liberal Mark Kasen Swings By

H2 - Rolling Stone Magazine Loves Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

H3 - Malcolm X Warns About the Danger of Liberals, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Stay Relevant

H4 - Jamie Breaks Down the U.C. Berkeley Attack, and Discovers A Shocking Fact About P!nk

Allman's Electric Stove 03.01.2019

HR1-Jamie Chats with Jim Carafano

HR2-"Advocacy Journalism" and Uncle Joe Biden Runs for President

HR3-Doug Giles Joins the Show

HR4-Jennifer Bird Live from CPAC!

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